• The ReVanced is the upgraded version of the popular Vanced app, which is now discontinued from development. ReVanced is known as the modular patcher for popular apps such as Youtube. We are trying to keep the legacy continue and bring the Vanced community back to the app.

  • ReVanced works independently, and it does not distribute any proprietary files. Instead of that, the open-source software creates the patches.

    The application allows you to create patches for any Android app. ReVanced manager uses the patcher in its core function to apply different patches to the desired application.

    ReVanced will mount the patch on top of the original application if you use the rooted device. Hence, you do not have to install the app separately. The existing app will get modified. In non-rooted devices, the ReVanced app will install the files under a different package name.

  • ReVanced is continuously under development. However, users can build and test their patches on the device. Use the pre-build packages by following the documentation.

    You can check the current development status in the progress channel available on the Discord instead of an ETA.

  • Yes. ReVanced is designed to be installed easily on non-root and rooted devices.

  • The team is currently focused on maintaining the core features of the Vanced. Once the application becomes stable, the next level of development will be started.

    Users will allow sending the suggestion in future development. Your contribution to the new app will be appreciated.

  • The ReVanced development team is built on the open-source community. The programmers are welcome to participate in the project. You can check the updated GitHub repositories and share your contribution to improving the application.

  • Compared to the Vanced, the new patcher automatically applies the patches to any app version. You can apply the patches to newer or older versions of the app using this new application. Even the recently released application will suit the patches.

    There are chances that the patches may break or require updates. Users should check the documentation and available version of the ReVance before installation.

  • Yes. ReVanced patches support the YouTube Music app. You can apply the patches to popular music apps and use premium services. The MicroG patch is developed to support the ReVanced application and work with YouTube Music.

  • We are not focusing on developing NFTs. It was never the objective of rebuilding the Vanced application. There has yet to be a plan to initiate NFT development.

  • Yes. The old Vanced application is still operational. You can download it from the mirror site and install it on your device.

  • The progress channel on Discord is fully operational. Users may find the information is not updated often, but it doesn’t mean the development is not progressing. Active development is going on in the background.

    Due to the ongoing development of the application, no specific ETA has been declared for development. For regular updates, check github on Discord.

  • The MicroG and Vanced MicroG are third-party applications the respective development community maintains. The reVanced team does not monitor the development of these applications.

  • No. ReVanced has no affiliation with the Vanced application.

  • Currently, we do not offer general support to ReVanced users. The technical side of the ReVanced is challenging to understand; hence you should only consider downloading it if you are comfortable following the procedures.

    ReVanced is currently under development; therefore, it suits developers who know the program’s technical aspects. If you still want assistance in solving the technical problem found in the application, then we are requesting you share the error message or screenshot with us.

    Also, share the details of the versions and files you have installed on your device. Use the new thread in support on Discord.

  • We are not building a magisk module. Instead, we use the publically available Magisk module (General) developed by the j-hc and Extended by NoName-exe to power the ReVanced application.

  • We have recently started sharing the extended builds using the NoName-exe.