What is ReVanced Manager APK?

Further development of the Vanced manager was halted after the notice received from Google. The software will not get a new update again because developers have stopped the project. However, some existing installations of the Vanced may work on android devices.

ReVanced is the patcher developed to alter the applications such as YouTube, Youtube Music, Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok. The Revanced manager is used for applying a patch to subscription-based applications and gives you access to all premium services offered by these paid applications.

After the patch is applied, the application will give you unlimited access to paid services for free. Paid ads and subscription messages will get removed from your popular applications.

Popular social media applications such as TikTok and Reddit have limited access to essential features. To enjoy these features, you have to wait for the mods to get released then users can download them on their devices.

In the absence of the modes, the user has to patch the application to get special access to the application. Because of too many complex processes, many users avoid installing the mod. ReVanced manager apk is developed to answer these questions and give you access to the premium services without paying.

You can compile all the social applications in a single entity using the ReVanced manager apk. Once the compilation is successful, you do not have to get separate mods for each application. Use the ReVanced manager's help to automatically add new updates to the original application without manual input.

Name ReVanced Manager
Size 20.1 MB
Version 1.14.0
Developer oSumAtrIX
Updated on September 22, 2023

Download ReVanced Manager APK for Android

An earlier version of the ReVanced manager was released on GitHub, where users can download the installation file. The process was developer-centric. People who do not know using GitHub files would find it difficult to process.

ReVanced has removed all the complex processes and made the patching of the application so easy that anyone with a basic understanding of the software could run it efficiently.


An extendable framework for building modded apps.

  • Android version 8 or higher is required.
  • It may not works on some armv7 devices.
  • This is an ALPHA version. So it may have bugs and not work on all of your devices.
Download (GitHub)


  Patch Multiple Applications

The ReVanced Manager app provides easy access to patching different social applications. It allows you to patch various applications, including YouTube Music, Reddit, Twitch, Spotify, etc.

The modifications of these apps become easy with the use of ReVanced Manager. Choose the platform you want to patch and apply the necessary fixes in the application. Let the ReVanced Manager do a tedious job.

  No Ads

ReVanced manager gives you full access to the application by removing the advertisements from social application sites such as YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, and Twitter.

The new patch version of the application will run smoothly without bothering you with annoying ads. You are safe from the data theft these advertisement companies use to track the user's activity while using the app.

  Patch Original Applications

You might have used some modded applications like Twitter that requires you to remove the original applications to install and operate the modded one properly.

The ReVanced manager APK eliminates this difficulty by patching the original versions of the bundled software. Start the program and make the required patches without removing the core app.

  Repair Broken Features

Some features of these mod apps aren’t perfect and have many bugs. Usually, you will have to send a bug report to the developers and wait until your issue to be fixed; a process that could take a long time. The ReVanced Manager APK allows you instantly fix most of the issues with different features before sending any bug reports to the developers.

  Activate Download Feature

Some platforms like Twitter and TikTok don't allow you to download videos and images.You have to download a modded version or third-party downloader app to save these files offline. The new ReVanced Manager lets you download any media files on these popular social media sites on your device with the click of a button.

  Premium Logo Branding

After the patch is active, the premium logo on Youtube will be active. The Premium Logo sees the biggest difference between the free and paid version of the Youtube app. In the free version, the users cannot access the premium features.

The ReVanced manager offers you unlimited access to all premium features. The patcher enables you to access the premium function, customize the settings and add a premium logo for the branding on the home page.

  Dark Mode & Material UI design

The dark mode is useful when you are using the device at night. The contrast effect will give you a pleasing experience while browsing the content on your favorite social media site. On top of that, the dark mode reduces battery consumption at a significant rate.

The content on the black background popups easily due to the low brightness. A darker environment gives you a comfortable viewing angle to read and enjoy the usage of the device. Blur content or visually low-quality content also appears bright on the dark mode screen.


This is where you can find supported applications and fixes. Developers constantly release updates and new fixes for all apps. Developers will also add more apps in the future so you can enjoy the premium services without paying the subscription fees.

  Updates Available

The ReVanced manager application offers all kinds of fixes with freshly added features. Users are alert through the notification in the application giving you instant access to the newer fixes.


Community efforts from around the world and feedback from the application users helped the development community achieve the goal quickly.

A team of 10 members supported the programming to add numerous features and make the necessary fixes. Several contributors worldwide endorsed the application to reach its current stage and helped millions of users enjoy the app features.

How to Install ReVanced Manager APK?

The installation procedure of the ReVanced manager apk is simple. Now everyone can install the ReVanced on both rooted and non-rooted android devices.

For Non-Rooted Devices


Step 1: Get the latest Manager APK from above download link.

Step 2: Tap on the downloaded APK file to start installing.

Step 3: The Android system will ask permission to install unknown apk files. Select enable it to proceed with the installation.

Allow from this source

Step 4: Now, you will find the installation window. Tap on the install button.

Install ReVanced Manager

Step 5: Open the application and start using it.

For Rooted Devices


In this procedure, you have to do grant root permission to the manager app after following every step mentioned in the non-root install guide.

We don’t think the root method is wholesome to every application because it requires Google Play services to log in. However, this could remove some additional steps.

The most popular apps require Google play store access, such as Youtube ReVanced. The application can be installed on the rooted device without installing MicroG.

How to Patch apps?

The modification to the apps becomes easy with the ReVanced manager. Choose the which option to add/remove from any application. The currently supported patches can be found on this GitHub page.

Step 1: Get the supported version APK from the APKMirror.

Step 2: Now go to the ReVanced Manager app.

Step 3: Next, go to the "Patcher" option in the menu.

Open patcher to select application

Step 4: Tap on select the application option.

Step 5: After that, tap on the storage option and select the apk file downloaded on your device.

Step 6: Then select the patches option.

Select patches option

Step 7: All available patches will be visible on the page. Select the patches you would like to add to your app.

Step 8: After that, tap the Done and then Patch Button.

Patch the app button

Step 9: The installation may start running and after the installation finished, tap on Install button.

Tap on install button

Note: Someitmes you may get the play protect warning for the apps as it was patched. Just ignore the warning and tap on install anyway.


Final Words

ReVanced manager apk gives you instant access to all your premium services. The application's functions make the social media application more joyful. The application gives you access to the patch of popular applications.

All applications can be browsed from a single platform. Why spend on the premium services of Youtube and Tiktok when you have the ReVanced manager apk? Download the ReVance today and start exploring the app.