What is Revanced Music?

The ReVanced Music apk is the modified version of the popular YouTube Music application. It is a perfect replica of YouTube music with all the fantastic features. The Vanced music service elements are also added in the ReVanced music, so you will never miss the application.

Music application gives you the premium experience of the application without paying for the services. VIP access to the application will surprise you while using the app. Listen to all your favorite music on the ReVanced application.

Ad-free streaming in the ReVanced is the ultimate game changer. Paid ads take away a lot of your productive time and force you to add multiple ads while listening to the songs.

Breaks between every music you play are annoying. The ReVanced application gives you access to ad-free streaming services throughout the year.

Name ReVanced Music
Size 50 MB
Version 6.10.51
Developer oSumAtrIX
Updated on July 11, 2023

Download ReVanced Music APK Latest Version for Android

You can install the ReVanced Music APK on your android device in two ways. The users can build their mod using the ReVanced Manager.

Alternatively, you can download an already modded apk to get the free ReVanced music application. Listen to the latest music in a high-quality format for free and ad-free in ReVanced.

The application is free, but you still require MicroG to log in to the Google Account. Alternatively, you can install the Magisk module to connect your device to the ReVanced Music APK.

The developer has also noted that the application may face malfunction on some of the devices due to restrictions in some regions.

Youtube music services are blocked in some regions. Thus, when you try to access the benefits of YouTube Music, ReVance could not access the content from YouTube, and the app will show errors.

Ensure you download the latest version of the ReVanced music apk from the official site. You can still access your favorite songs without needing notable changes. The application does access the content through VPN services if the app is blocked in the region.


Download the APK file and MicroG and install on any Android Device

  • Easy to install
  • No android knowledge is required
  • MicroG must be install before installing APK files
  • Make sure to uninstall previous version before installing new APK
  • This this compiled by j-hc
Download ARM7 Download ARM8 Download MicroG


If you want to install this module, you must need a rooted device with Magisk Su. MicroG is not needed.

  • You need technical knowledge to install this version
  • MicroG not needed
  • Bit difficult to install compared to APK installation
  • MinDetach module must be installed to detach playstore dependencies
  • This this compiled by j-hc
Download Zip ARM7 Download Zip ARM8 MinDetach Module



Podcasts were in the industry before media platforms such as TV and YouTube came into existence. Today, Podcasts play a significant role in educating people and spreading awareness about different subjects.

You will find podcasts of famous businessmen, celebrities, and influencers online, getting millions of views worldwide.

You will find a collection of educational podcasts everywhere online. They are highly engaging and give you access to world knowledge. Podcasts also translate popular books' content into the audible form so you can listen to them while traveling. Once you start listening to podcasts, you will completely dwell in the process and enjoy the content.

ReVanced music brings a massive collection of podcasts to your fingertips. Podcasts are published in different categories, from news to entertainment, biography, humor, and many more.

Listen to your favorite podcast content online and get inspired. Podcast content will keep you motivated and inspire you for the life journey. Listen to the content daily on your favorite application ReVanced, and become successful in life.

  Background Playback

One of the features that everyone likes about ReVance is the background playback. Choose your playlist, play the music, and exit the app to perform another task. The application will run in the background without stopping the music.

Multitasking becomes easy with the use of the ReVanced application. You cannot do this with Youtube Music. The app immediately stops playing the songs when you leave the screen.

  Ads are disabled

Users of YouTube Music have to view the annoying ads after every song they play in the app. The only way to avoid the ads is to subscribe to the premium subscription service.

The app will force you to watch ads continuously, wasting your productive time. Content interruptions sometimes become annoying, and you may lose interest in listening to the music in the app.

ReVanced music gives you free access to a massive collection of streaming music. Enjoy the music ads free on the streaming platform.

  High-quality audio

The sound quality of the music is subjective to the listeners because not all of you might pay attention to the sound quality that the streaming platform offers.

However, to know how the audio quality is checked, pay attention to the different music platforms.

You will find the difference in the music. Some platform offers good beats and enhanced music experience that feels great. In comparison, some platforms will stream low-quality music.

ReVanced music, on the other hand, beats the competition with high-end music output. The music is a stream with up to 320 kbps of audio quality.

At this speed, you will never face a decrease in the music quality or the buffer of the music. Select your playlist or albums and start listening to the music.


Lyrics of popular songs are available online. There will be a time when you look for the lyrics of your favorite songs. Especially on the day of the Karaoke night, the song lyrics are needed to participate in the competition.

You can search for the song's title and get the lyrics from the online platform. However, many of you need help with the process. Whenever you want the lyrics, you must search on the web.

Run the application and sing a song while using the application. You will find the lyrics of all kinds of songs in the app. ReVance removes the challenging part of the lyrics search and helps you get the accurate lyrics in the app.


ReVanced is more than a Music application. All types of popular music, and many more, are available in a single application that will make your usage more exciting. Music content worldwide is stored in the application and accessible to users for free.

Drill music lovers would find the UK drill music in the application. Many channels are synced together in the app giving you access to the hit drill music based on the region.

It will take you away from the daily struggle and help your day end with happiness. Even though you may not understand the language, the background music will change your mind.


ReVanced music will be used primarily for music streaming, but another side of the application may blow your mind. The application allows you to switch from the music to the video platform with a button. With the same application, you can watch videos of your favorite songs and different mixes using the application.


Create your playlist and listen to those songs every day on ReVanced music. You can create multiple playlists according to your favorite genre and taste. Also, get access to the curated playlist ready to listen.

The playlist is made based on your listening pattern. Songs you listen to every day will be added to the playlist, so the next time you return to the application to listen to your favorite songs, the list will be ready to use.

New creations will automatically get added to the playlist so you can enjoy the latest music and regularly listen to songs.


Charts help find what is trending in the music industry. Different charts are offered to the users based on the rating, views, and repeat playback. ReVanced music application also uses Billboards to depict regionally famous music in the order of popularity.

  Live Performances

The app streams high-quality videos and shows them through the application. Along with the music and video, the Revanced gives you access to live performance videos of recent events. You will never miss special events once you have the ReVanced music application.

About ReVanced Music

Music is an inevitable part of our lives. It brings joy, happiness, and a feeling of satisfaction. The music also triggers different feelings connecting you with the thoughts behind the music

Music streaming portals use human emotion to earn good money from it. Several premium music streaming apps and portals are available online, offering subscription-based access to the users.

Due to the paid subscriptions, a massive fan base of the latest music is missing out on the industry's top music collection. Most of the users cannot afford to pay the subscription cost.

ReVanced gives you a high-quality music library with a premium subscription facility. Unlimited access to music anywhere you go is now possible with ReVanced. A single application will provide you access to the vast music collection on the go.

How to Install ReVanced Music APK on Android?

ReVanced music apk file is compatible with the latest android version. The application runs on rooted and non-rooted devices; thus, the users can install the file instantly without making significant changes to the app. The only requirement is to install the MicroG application on your device to access your Google account.

Step 1: First, download the MicroG apk file on your device.

Step 2: Open the MicroG apk file and click the allow this source option.

Allow from this source

Step 3: Next, click on the Install and done button.

Install MicroG

Step 4: Get the ReVanced music apk file from above download section.

Step 5: Once the file is downloaded on your device, click the apk file to run the installation.

Step 6: Tap on the Install.

Install Revanced MusicAPK

Step 7: After that, tap on the open to launch the app.

After you are in the application, go to the account and use your Gmail to log in to your profile.

How to install YouTube ReVanced Music Magisk Module?

The Magisk module gives you access to the ReVanced music directly at the system level. The functionality allows the app to access your Google accounts associated with the Android or Google play services.

Step 1: Download ReVanced Music Magisk Module from the above download section.

Step 2: Now open the Magisk app on your device.

Step 3: Tap on "Modules" at the bottom right corner.

Install Magisk App

Step 4: After that, tap on "Install from storage"

Step 5: Now select the downloaded.zip file and open it.

Flash YouTube Revanced Music

Step 6: It will start the flashing process. Wait untill the "reboot" button appears.

Step 7: Now go back and download MinDetach Magisk Module.

Step 8: Flash it by following above steps 3-6 and finally "reboot"

MinDetach module detaches YouTube/Music from the Google Play. It will avoid auto-updating. We recommend flashing this module too.

Final Words

ReVanced is constantly under development; hence new releases are often notified to the users. The latest release of the application will have bug fixes and the addition of new features. After you install ReVance on your device, you will never compromise on the quality and experience.

The ReVanced Music application provides access to many facilities and helps you discover excellent music content. Download the apk file and get access to the music you like to listen to.