What is ReVanced MicroG APK?

The ReVanced MicroG application enables users to sign in with a Google account. The non-rooted devices can also be used for the login. Once logged in, the users can access the playlists, history, subscriptions, and all other features.

After YouTube Vanced discontinued the development due to legal issues with Youtube, the independent developer decided to regain control over the disrupting streaming services ReVanced created with their unique features. The new Youtube ReVanced apk was the rebirth of the earlier YouTube Vanced application.

The new application is more seamless as it mitigates the requirement of patching it with a few lines of code, which was confusing at the earlier stage.

The official release of the ReVanced MicroG apk bypasses all unwanted processes and makes the patching simple for users. The objective behind the simplified version is to give the users complete control over the installation so a massive fanbase can adopt the network quickly.

Name ReVanced MicroG
Size 75 MB
Version v0.2.28.231657
Developer ReVanced Team
Updated on June 23, 2023


The original version of the MicroG gives freedom to users to use the application. The upgraded version of the ReVanced application can be used as an alternative to enhance the streaming experience.


  • Not a system app anymore.
  • The core package name is now changed from com.google.android.gms to com.mgoogle.android.gms to support the installation without needing to remove the MicroG.
  • Removed unwanted features from the application, such as:
    • Ads
    • Analytics
    • Car
    • Droidguard
    • Exposure-Notifications
    • Feedback
    • Firebase
    • Games
    • Maps
    • Recovery
    • Registering app permissions
    • SafetyNet
    • Self-Check
    • Search
    • TapAndPay
    • Wallet
    • Wear-API
  • Unwanted permissions are removed as the new application doesn't require authentication from Google services.


Google has strict policies for applications that create a replica of their services. In this case, ReVanced replicates the original Youtube Premium services and many more applications. Thus, the users who sign in to this application could face the suspension of their google account.

We agree that ads are not bad. They help the creator earn money for their creativity. Google tries to convince app users to upgrade to premium services to stop getting annoying ads in the app.

The premium services are charged annually. Users have to keep making the subscription payment until the service is active. But the question arises, why one should not prefer the application that removes the ads forever?

ReVanced MicroG keeps you safe from Google policies. The anti-ban features of the app protect the users while using their Google account with the ReVance application.

The app ensures you are always hidden from Google authentication while using the application. Google never gets to know about your identity; hence, you can access all the services without any issue.

The added layer of security reduces the chances of your account getting suspended to zero. You can enjoy free and unlimited access to all premium features of the app.

  Login With Your Google Account

ReVanced application is designed to let users stream videos without advertisements or sponsor ads. You can also access all the application's premium features at no cost.

The original Google account can be used to gain access to the ReVanced features. No need to use the Google account login to access the features.

However, users who want access to their previous history, subscribe channels, and settings could get all this information simply by logging in with their Google account. MicroG is the app that permits users to get the necessary app features through a secure login.

Log in with the Google account to the ReVanced MicroG and start accessing your favorite content on the site. The customization option gives you all the benefits of the new application.

  Enhanced Privacy

Google tracks the user's activities to enhance their experience. It is not the case with the MicroG program. The location will never be shared with Google. Users get complete privacy with their activities while using the application. Moreover, the users can change the API features without disrupting the streaming experience.

Final Words

When YouTube Vanced was announced to the general public, people thought it was made to counter the monopolizing influence of YouTube Premium before it was finally discontinued.

Until Youtube Vanced became active on the web, it showed great potential because a massive fan base started using it. The ReVanced MicroG came into existence to support the users who liked the earlier version of the Vanced.

The new version brings loyal users back to the platform. The latest version allows users to enjoy Youtube Premium services at no cost. Get the ReVanced today and start exploring the immense web content on Youtube Premium for free.